Masonry 101 is a weekly informational meeting open to the public. All are welcome! Come by and ask your questions, or simply sit in and get information directly from the people who know. See what is Freemasonry is all about.

The purpose of Masonry 101 and this website is to serve as an inspiration for those who are seeking Light in Freemasonry, but do not have any connections to the fraternity. The opinions stated are those of the individuals and do not represent any official statements of the Grand Lodge of Texas A.F. & A.M. or Austin Lodge No. 12 A.F. & A.M.

Latest Blog Posts:

  • Recommended Reading List for Non-Masons
    We strongly recommend to only consume materials regarding Freemasonry that are approved and recommended by Masonry 101. The reason is simple – we want to avoid wrong information AND more importantly defend the candidates from any information that might potentially spoil their initiatic experience. WARNING: Please keep in mind that a lot of these writings… Read more: Recommended Reading List for Non-Masons
  • Masonic Aprons
    The most iconic and recognizable piece of apparel that Masons wear is the Apron. Some are very basic, white aprons, others are hand-painted ornamented ones. Officers have special aprons with symbols that indicate the office that they hold. Every mason cherishes their apron and remembers fondly the day they received their first apron. The white… Read more: Masonic Aprons
  • Clandestine Lodges
    Clandestine Freemasonry refers to Masons who are not regular or recognized by the Mainstream Masonic Grand Lodge in whose jurisdiction they reside. Grand Lodges In the United States generally claim jurisdiction over the entire state that they belong to. For example the Grand Lodge of Texas is the highest masonic authority in the state of… Read more: Clandestine Lodges

“We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with other’s opposing convictions or competitive ideas, and yet respect each other as Brothers.”