Women Freemasons

While regular Grand Lodges do not allow women to become members, there are masonic organizations for women.

In regular freemasonry such as the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM there are associated organization such as the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, Job’s Daughters or Rainbow Girls. But there is no option for women to become full Master Masons and be recognized by this Grand Lodge.

However, there are other options available to women who want to become Master Masons.

In the United States there are two main variants known as “Universal Co-Masonry” and “Order of Women Freemasons”.

Co-masonry was originally founded in France in the 1890’s and was known as “Le Droit Humain”. They allow for men and women to join together in the same organization as equal members. Because this violates one of the main principals laid out in the historic landmarks that all regular masonic lodges agreed to uphold, they are therefore considered to be irregular and clandestine by any regular Grand Lodge in the World.

The Order of Women Freemasons is the world’s largest women-only organization of freemasonry. They broke off the co-masonry organization in 1908. It is an exclusively female organization that follows the same structure, believes and traditions as the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). UGLE was the first Grand Lodge to be formed in 1717 and all regular Grand Lodges across the world follow their lineage back to it. UGLE has cordial relations with OWF, but is not able to proclaim official recognition since it violates one of the historical landmarks.

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