How to select a lodge

Masonry 101 encourages any interested potential member to visit as many lodges as is reasonable. Even though all lodges belonging to the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM are based on the same basic principles, each individual lodge has its own character. Some focus more on a relaxed atmosphere and fraternal fellowship, some are all about charity and community involvement, while others focus on philosophy, education and spiritual development. All lodges will include all of these aspects to some degree, but each lodge has a different focus.

Other issues to consider are the frequency of meetings: some lodges meet twice a week, with monthly stated meetings. While others only meet once every three months. Dress code can also vary greatly. There are some lodges that are very casual and known as t-shirt and blue jeans lodges, while others suggest coat and tie, or suits. Some even suggest black tie, or tux.

It is recommended to meet different lodges to see which one might be the best fit for an individual candidate. Additionally, since being a freemason involves frequent visits to the lodge, it is highly advised to consider lodges that are conveniently located within a reasonable driving distance from either home, work or in between. If it is a hassle to fight traffic to attend, then it is highly likely that it will prevent the member to become more active.

To find a lodge within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.&A.M.:

To find lodges in other states:

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