Masonic Funeral

A Masonic funeral is a service provided to masons in good standing. It must be requested by the mason or his family.

Funerals are one of the three public rituals performed by freemasons. The other two are officer installations and cornerstone layings.

The rituals and wording set Masonic funerals apart in most people’s minds. To anyone who is not familiar with masonic symbolism and customs such a service might appear strange and archaic. Nonetheless, it is considered by anyone who has witnessed a masonic service to be a very inspiring and solemn ritual.

The brothers who attend wear sprigs of acacia and their white aprons. The deceased brother will be interred wearing his apron, usually the one that he was raised and made a Master Mason in. The ritual itself is aimed to comfort the family, praise a life well lived, and remind all present that it is incumbent upon all of us to live intentionally. At the conclusion of the service the brothers file past the coffin and lay their sprigs on acacia on it.

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