Reasons NOT to join freemasonry

Freemasonry is not a good fit for everyone. Nor is everyone a good fit for freemasonry.
There are many good reasons to become a freemason. But there are also some reasons not to do so.

Joining a masonic lodge when one is not compatible, is not good for either the candidate nor the lodge.

Here are some reasons NOT to join a lodge:

1) You are looking for business contacts

Even though you might find new contacts through the expanded network that you will join, this would not be a good reason to become a mason. There are no special discounts for fellow masons. It is generally frowned down upon to use the fraternity as a method to gain financially. Furthermore, the members of the lodge come from all backgrounds. One is just as likely to meet students, grocery store clerks, bank tellers, or car mechanics as one is to meet doctors, lawyers, professors, CEO’s or politicians.

Instead: join the Rotary Club – it is a worldwide service organization for men and women that brings together businessmen and professionals. They encourage conducting business in an ethical manner to serve their community. Their motto is: Service above Self. 

2) You are looking for a social club

If you are looking for an opportunity to hang out and simply socialize, then freemasonry might not be your best option. Even though we are a fraternity and enjoy spending time with our brothers, there are many additional requirements such as the educational and service components. If you are not interested in working to improve yourself or help the lodge, then there are better options.

Instead: join the Order of the Elks, or any of the many clubs organized around interests and activities such as fan clubs for sports teams, tailgating at a local high school or university, or a book club.

3) You are an atheist

Sorry, that is a hard no. In order to become a Freemason in the USA one has to profess a believe in deity. That does not mean belonging to an organized religion or church. But the candidate must in clear conscience be able to state, without question, that he believes in a higher power. 

4) You believe in the conspiracy theories

If you believe in the conspiracy theories about Freemasons, such as that masons are lizard people, run the world, drink blood, or any similar stories, then lodges are really not the place for you to go. Even if we would engage with you and explain the multitude of reasons why these theories are simply untrue, you would not believe us, and think that we would either lie to you or not be high enough in the ranks to know the truth.

Instead: enjoy Q-anon or Alex Jones. ‘Nuf said.

5) You are uncomfortable to be amongst people different from yourself

Freemasonry invites people of good character, regardless of their nationality, economic status,  profession, religious belief, political affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age. Masons might differ in their ideas and backgrounds, but are united in a common cause. They might have spirited debates with their brethren outside of lodge, but always know that these difference in opinion are not to be considered personal attacks. The members understand the underlying goodness in character of the other mason and any disagreements will not be held as a personal affront.

If you are uncomfortable in the presence of people who might look different from yourself, or have different opinions and believes, then Freemasonry would not be a good fit. 

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