Reasons to join Freemasonry

There are many good reasons to become a Freemason. All of these are very personal and there are as many reasons as there are Masons. Each one has their own story on how and why they joined.

Some of the more common reasons include:

1) Family History

Many Masons have family members who were Freemasons before them. They have fathers, grandfathers, or uncles who had joined a local lodge. Even though there is no requirement to have a family member to be able to join, being a family legacy can be exciting.

2) Love for History

Freemasonry has included in its ranks some of the most influential men in history. Some of the more famous names include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mozart, Winston Churchill, Louis Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Masons were involved in many important points in history including the founding of the USA, Texas and the French Revolution.

3) Fraternity

Meet men from many different backgrounds, including nationalities, ethnicities, social, educational, religious, sexual orientation, political. Get to know people that you might have otherwise been at a perpetual distance, and become friends and brothers. This is an international fraternity that allows for travel and being welcomed with open arms as a long-lost member of the family.

4) Charity

US Masons donate an average of $2.6 Million / Day to charity. That includes local lodges, Grand Lodges, and the appendant bodies including the Scottish Rite and the Shriners. Additionally lodges allow for members to become involved in charitable events such as serving food to first responders, cleaning highways and local parks, supporting teachers and public education. The opportunities are as countless as the individual lodges and masons that are involved.

5) Philosophy

Learn about philosophy, history, and comparative religions. Freemasonry is composed of many different philosophies and uses symbolism to teach these meaningful lessons to its members in an easy to understand method.

6) Personal Growth

Learn vital leadership skills by becoming involved in a lodge. There are lots of opportunities to become involved, including the officer line, kitchen, or acting in degrees. Freemasonry takes good men and makes them better.

7) Community Involvement

Get to know members of your local community and become actively engaged in the social and civic opportunities. Meet long-time locals and give back to the town by becoming involved in charitable events.

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