The beehive is one of the lesser known masonic symbols. It reminds us of a group of individuals that work diligently and industriously together for a common purpose. To our ancient operative brothers who came from the stonemason guilds of the middle ages, industry was the principle that showed them how best to accomplish a given task. Individuals were assigned a specific task based on their skill level. Others were assigned to planning on how these different tasks would then fit together to produce the desired outcome. No single individual was superior, it took the hard work and dedication of all parts to join together as a whole to achieve a successful outcome.

In a speculative masonic lodge the workers are replaced with the members. But the same principles are still followed. The success of each single member is vital to make the whole lodge succeed.

The idea for the hive is to assemble those who can best work together and best agree on the common goal of the hive.

In addition to industriousness, the beehive also reminds us of the support and protection that the hive offers its members. The drones at the entrance resemble the tyler who diligently guards the door of the lodge with a sword to protect it from unauthorized non-masons while the lodge is in session.

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