The landmarks are the principles that all freemasons around the world agree upon. Any regular masonic Grand Lodge must conform with these basic landmarks. Some have as few as seven, and others have as many as twenty-five.

Here are the most basic landmarks, or rather believes that all regular, and recognized lodges must base their bylaws upon:

1) Belief in a Supreme Being
2) Belief in immortality
3) That a “book of sacred law” is an indispensable part of the “furniture” (or furnishings) of the Lodge
4) The legend of the Third Degree
5) Secrecy (not specifying as to what)
6) Symbolism of operative masonry
7) That a Mason must be a man, freeborn, and of lawful age

If any lodge is missing even a single one of these landmarks, then they are not recognized by any other regular masonic lodge. Members of irregular lodges are no longer allowed to visit other regular lodges.

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