Masonic Athletes

Many people have been members of the fraternity of Freemasons over the years. That includes people from all walks of life, including professional athletes. These men became brothers and shining examples of the positive impact that Freemasonry has on each member.

Famous Athletes who are Freemasons:

Arnold Palmer – Golf
1929 – 2016
Is a 33′ Mason who joined Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275 F&AM in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Ty Cobb – MLB Baseball
1886 – 1961
Was a member of Royston Lodge No. 426 F&AM in Detroit, Michigan

Honus Wagner – MLB baseball
1874 – 1955
Became a Freemason at Centennial Lodge No. 544 F&AM in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Shaquille O’Neal – NBA Basketball
Born 1972
Is a member of Widow’s Son Lodge No.28 PHA in Boston, Massachusetts

Scottie Pippen – NBA Basketball
Born 1965
Is a member of Unity Lodge No.454 PHA in Arkansas

James Naismith – Inventor of the Sport of Basketball
1861 – 1939
Became a Freemason at Russell Lee Lodge in Springfield, Massachusetts

Tim Horton – NHL Hockey
1930 – 1974
Was a member of Kroy Lodge No. 676 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John Elway Jr. – NFL Football
Born 1960
Became a Freemason in January 2002 at South Denver Masonic Lodge No. 93 F&AM in Denver, Colorado

Sugar Ray Robinson – Boxing
1921 – 1989
Was a member of Joppa Lodge #55 PHA in New York City, New York

Manny Pacquiao – Boxing
Born 1978
Has been initiated as an Entered Apprentice in March, 2021 at Mamamayang Pilipino Lodge in the Philippines.

Joe Frazier – Boxing
1944 – 2011
Became a Freemason in March 2009 at M.B. Taylor Lodge No. 141 F&AM in Hammonton, New Jersey

Jack Dempsey – World Heavyweight Champion
1895 – 1983
Was a member of Kenwood Lodge No. 800 AF&AM in Chicago, Illinois

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